World of Zombies

Zombie Products

  • Single Pack (2)

    WOZ Single Pack

    Each zombie figure in the line is unique, and hails from a different part of the globe.

  • Double Pacck (1)

    Double Pack

    Two Zombies can be collected with this pack one of which is blind

  • Playset

    Ball Park Playset

    The Zombies love to compete in sporting events throughout the Zombie World, With this playset there are 3 events in 1: Football, Bowling and Golf!

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Each Zombie has their own quirky personality, background, and country of origin, and comes with their own character bio and rock, paper, scissors collectable cards

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Each zombie toy comes with detachable (and swappable!) heads, articulated arms, and hands that can grip objects or other zombies.

Compatible with the whole range of World of Zombies collectable figures - play your favourite ball game with your favourite zombie!

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